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Firewood: Block Wood Off of Gang Saw
Block Firewood
$30.00-Regular size pickup load (Customer Picked Up and Customer Loaded)
$150.00 plus delivery and tax-Dump Truck size load (Approximately 4 pickup loads)
$300.00 plus delivery and tax-Tandem size load (Approximately 10 pickup loads)

Firewood Logs: Junk Logs

$550.00- Semi Load (Must purchase 2 or more loads to get the $550 pricing)

Firewood Cutoffs: From End of Veneer Logs

$150.00 plus delivery and tax- Dump Truck Load

$12.00 plus tax-per yard
$40.00-Regular size pickup load
$30.00- Small size pickup load

$6.00 plus tax-per yard
$20.00-Regular size pickup load

Free-Customer Loads Themselves
$20.00-Pickup Load  (Up to 5 yards)
$50.00-Load of 6-25 yards (Customer Pickup Pricing Only)
$100.00- Load of 26 yards-50 yards (Customer Pickup Pricing Only)
For delivery call the office at 765-569-6721 for pricing.

Delivery Costs
Call the office at 765-569-6721 for price of delivery
Less than 10 miles from Baird Sawmill is free delivery.

***Disclosure: Pictures give the customer an idea of what the product looks like. Due to weather the products could vary in color and size.***
*** Prices are subject to change without notice***
Contact the office for any questions or concerns.